Dr. Lisa DeFusco

Family Wellness Medical

Healing for the Whole Family

Services: Health Coaching from Dr. Lisa DeFusco 

Dr. Lisa DeFusco, a well-rounded pediatrician, is now available to serve your family in maintaining a state of good health.

Mothers in need of relief from stress and anxiety, you are in the right place.

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Lisa DeFusco can help you from wherever in the world you may be.  

Dr. Lisa has knowledge in many areas to serve your family.

Nutrition / Diet / Detox

Mindfulness / Meditation

Natural Care for Children 

Parenting Wellness and Communication 

The Process of Spiritual Engagement

Lifestyle Set Up For Longevity-Health-Wellness

Resources for Energy Healing and Cultivation




















My mission is to provide all available options for your wellness professionally and honestly for families seeking to maintain excellent health.

Dr. Lisa DeFusco