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We are actively processing the information pouring in from new parents.

I look forward to meeting you, I will be in touch with you soon. 

Family Health

Holistic Approach

I appreciate you for taking the time to share your what matters to you and your family!

Your honesty and effort to share where you are in your journey is important to me. During challenging times, our utmost effort is focused on facilitating the delivery of top-quality care, knowledge, guidance, and support to families.

Support for All Ages, Pre-Pregnancy Until 18.

We have options for families to meet them where they are and match them with other parents in the same stages. 

Personalize Care

Authentic, caring, and knowledgeable service providers such as myself are here to serve your family.  


A Lifestyle of Health, The Full Spectrum

Parenting is a deeply profound commitment. Dr. Lisa, with three children of her own and over 16 years of experience in the pediatric field, has positively impacted thousands of children. Our daily commitment revolves around the pursuit of health and healing, making our world a better place.
Love Pediatrician

One Role I Play Is As A Community Holistic Pediatric Coach

My aim is to raise the standard of care and empower families with the wealth of knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated over the years.

While rooted in the invaluable principles of Western medicine, my role has transformed into that of a Holistic Pediatric Coach. Leveraging my pediatric background and holistic knowledge from the East, I can now impart essential insights and personalized guidance to families.

Letting go of the practice of accepting new patients was indeed a difficult choice. Yet, steering this change to foster environments where parents can truly thrive and excel in their roles has not only been profoundly rewarding but has also reaffirmed the tremendous impact that informed and conscientious guidance can have on family dynamics.

In this renewed capacity, I am committed to standing beside families, nurturing their understanding and equipping them with the tools they need to foster a holistic and healthy family unit. It is a privilege to guide them in navigating the complexities of health and wellness with a depth of understanding that only years in the medical field can impart.