About Dr. Lisa DeFusco Ancira

My journey into the healing world began when I was a young girl.

I desired to be a pediatrician in order to help heal children.  Fast forward 25 years later, I’m a pediatrician in private practice and feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated at the system.   My family life is crumbling and my soul is quiet and disconnected from my body. 

This is when my life began to change.  By caring for my patient, an infant with an incurable illness, I began the process of reconnecting with my soul.   A divorce, a fire, a major car accident were the events that finally led me to leave traditional medicine. Those ties were strong and it took literally life-changing events for the break.  I’m grateful for the knowledge and skills that traditional medicine has given to me. It is the basis for my healing abilities. 

Now separated from almost everything, I am a woman with a winding healing path of her own.   Through experience, I know what it takes to look into oneself and heal. I know when you heal yourself, you also heal those around you.   I know the importance to embrace life and live in the present moment because life is ever-changing.  

Dr. Lisa DeFusco Ancira Pediatrician

I grew up Catholic however knew there was something more.  In college, I took an eastern class and learned about Buddhism.   Fascinated by the four noble truths and the idea of everyone suffers.   What?! I’m not alone. I delved deep into the study of Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  I began taking yoga and have been practicing for over 25 years. Daily meditation practice began and then was interrupted by medical school and life.  Ironically just when I needed it most I stopped meditating. 

This passion for my spiritual growth led me to India after my first year of medical school.  I worked in the south doing public health work and had the opportunity to hear the Dali Lama speak and discover ancient sacred places.  

The spiritual aspect of life is many times left out of conventional medicine.   Spirituality is connected to health. Mind, body, and soul is my belief that this connection is what heals. 

Over the last 10 years, I have been passionate about providing more than traditional medical care to my patients.  I believe food is medicine and the mind plays a key role in the health of not just the child but the family. I love to work with families to improve them from the inside out.  When the parents are well the whole family thrives.  

I have spent many years researching a variety of different healing modalities from energy medicine, herbal medicine, essential oils, and meditation in order to find the best solution for particular individuals and ailments.  What I have discovered is there is not a one size fits all prescription. There are many different layers and levels of treating an individual and that requires multiple tools. 

My passion is helping people.  I am blessed to have this knowledge and excited to share it with you.   

The Training….

BS: Louisiana State University in Microbiology

MSPH: Tulane University

MD: Tulane School of Medicine

Pediatric Residency: Tulane School of Medicine

I am proud to align my practice with my partner, an eastern-based holistic healer, Matthew Ancira.

He is a powerful, natural healer, eastern-based energy bodyworker, meditation, and chi kung teacher, and an amazing father and loving man.

Meet My Life Partner In Everything.

Holistic Healing Medical Children

My husband is a Master Hands on or off Energy Healer!  We both learned from the same amazing teachers, (he more than I) and grew together. Matthew took off with the hands on healing because his energy is so strong.  I recommend him to those truley suffering and in need of real healing for health issues that require intervention.  As a doctor I know what can be done and what requires other means.  Matthew sees a lot of the medical community behind closed doors because even we need that type of help.

About Lisa DeFusco

 We were introduced by a mutual friend who was teaching at Audubon Yoga Studio in New Orleans.  From then, we began sitting in the same early morning meditation class for over six months, Matthew as my teacher. 

I then joined the chi Kung journey learning from both Matthew and his master teacher.

Six months later, we took Jin Shin Jyutsu together and practiced on each other for an hour daily for the next five months or so. We then moved onto learning Tui na and a lot more.

Two years later, Matthew took me to Brasil to explore alternative healing modalities and to visit different healers.

The next advanced step was meeting the second master teacher that would take our knowledge deep into the eastern healing world.

During our time enjoying the healing worlds, one thing became clear; in an alliance, we were to help the world in conscious awakening and healing.  And as our fate will be, it was to also enter into a romantic relationship and start a family. Good stuff!